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PACIFIC ISLAND JOBS for all jobseekers looking to find a job in�the Pacific, Australia and New�Zealand�and employers and employment agencies looking to advertise their current vacancies.
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PACIFIC ISLAND JOBS (PIJ) is a portal for jobs in the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. The following section provides useful information and links for people who want to work, study, visit or live in Australia and New Zealand. Links to jobs in Australia and jobs in New Zealand are also provided.


- Australia -
An island and a continent, it is the sixth largest country in the world with the lowest population density per square kilometre. Australia is made up of six states - New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania - and two territories - Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory, where Canberra is situated. It is a land of contrasts; rainforests, beaches, deserts, reefs and snow capped mountains. Australia’s long geological isolation and special climatic features has resulted in highly endemic flora and fauna and species richness. For example 85% of vascular plant species and 82% of mammal species, excluding whales, are endemic to Australia. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, which runs for more than 2,300km, is the world’s largest coral reef ecosystem supporting more than 2900 reefs and approximatley 900 islands and coral cays comprising 30 reef and 40 non-reef bioregions. First inhabited by the Aboriginal Australians who are believed to have settled 40,000-50,000 years ago, today the indigenous people make up approximately 2.5% of the population.

Quick Facts: ▪ Capital: Canberra ▪ Government: Federal Constitutional Monarchy ▪ Population: 21 million+ ▪ GDP p c growth: 2.5% p.a. 1990–2004 ▪ Official Language: English ▪ Industries: Mining, industrial and transportation equipment, food processing, chemicals, steel ▪ Currency: Australian Dollar (A$) ▪ Climate: Tropical in north. Hot and arid in centre. Temperate in south ▪ Environmental Issues: Soil erosion, desertification.

Useful Links for Australia 

Jobs in Australia


- New Zealand -
New Zealand is made up of two main islands separated by Cook Strait – North Island and South Island - Stewart Island and a number of smaller islands, including the Auckland, Chatham and Pitt Islands. New Zealand's first settlers were the Polynesian ancestors of the Maori around 1,000 years ago. New Zealand is believed to be the last major habitable land mass to be settled by mankind. Today indigenous Maori make up around 14% of the population. The geographical isolation of New Zealand has resulted in the evolution of many unique plant and animal species including the kiwi and kakapo (flightless birds). The geography of New Zealand is truly spectacular with its many glaciers, fiords, mountains, volcanic plateaus, subtropical forests and sandy beaches.

Quick Facts:Capital: Wellington ▪ Government: Parliamentary Democracy Monarchy with single legislative body (House of Representatives) Population: 4.6 million ▪ GDP p c growth: 2.1% p.a. 1990–2004 ▪ Official Languages: English, Maori ▪ Industries: Food processing, wood and paper products, wool, textiles, dairy products, iron and steel, machinery, transportation equipment, banking and insurance, tourism, mining ▪ Currency: New Zealand Dollar (NZ$) ▪ Climate: Temperate, warmer in north, colder in south and wetter in west. The north of New Zealand is subtropical and the south temperate ▪ Environmental Issues: Deforestation, soil erosion, invasive species.

Useful Link for New Zealand 

Jobs in New Zealand

PACIFIC ISLAND JOBS (PIJ) is a portal for jobs in the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand.

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