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French Polynesia

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30th Aug 2019

— Description —

Our Project:
Coral Gardeners is an NGO created in 2017 by young surfers and fishermen from Mo’orea in French Polynesia. We aim to save coral reefs from extinction in two ways. Firstly, by raising awareness of their plight in schools, events and conferences around the world. Secondly, through our reef restoration program, in which we nurture healthy corals and transplant them onto degraded areas of reef. Technology shall become an important part of our project to raise awareness, improve our processes and online platforms.


Who we are:
1) Ocean lovers: we come from the ocean. It feeds our bodies and it is our playground.
It is a part of who we are.
2) Storytellers: we tell the stories of our islands and engage others with reef
3) Humble: the ocean is bigger than us, it teaches us humility, love and respect for all
forms of life.
4) Determined to act: we can tell the story but, at some point, we need to jump in the
water and plant some coral.
5) Explorers: we always look for new ways of doing things and learn about our
environment and be wild, sometimes.

Where we are:
Our headquarters are on Mo'orea, the sister island of Tahiti, in French Polynesia. Our office is just footsteps from the sea and offers an amazing working environment for our team.

Technology is central to our work. We use our website and social media to connect and engage the public. Additionally, technology is essential for the improvement of our
methodology and automation of processes. Finally, we believe that emerging technologies and AI hold great value for us if we can harness them effectively. Coral Gardeners are looking closely at how we can use technologies such as holograms, facial recognition for coral reefs, etc. To progress in these areas, we need a new CTO and his/her leading vision and ideas. You would be in charge of the website and app development, database management and
incorporation of advanced technologies. We are currently in a growth phase so we will need you to work on our scalability and process automation. You will work closely with our Adoptions & Merchandising Manager and collaborate with the Marketing Team.


We need you to:
- Oversee our technological development and prepare for up-scaling
- Consolidate our technology platforms and develop plans for each
- Track, analyse and monitor technology performance metrics
- Spearhead IT projects to increase our market reach and improve our USP
- Oversee all system design and changes in system architecture
- Make daily modifications to our website, integrate data, fix bugs and build new features
- Be an advisor for our team on all technologies related to our project (servers, IT systems, etc.)

As a CTO you will also participate in general activities of the NGO.

- >1 year as a lead developer
- >1 year full stack web development experience (front end/back end)
- Database management & data analytics skills
- Previous experience in website development and automation desirable
- Fluency in French and English

- Passionate with coral reefs and the ocean
- Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and organizational skills
- Able to work independently and take initiative
- Organized and thorough
- Open minded, willing to learn about new cultures and share positive energy
- Effective as a leader in a team working environment

To be discussed depending on your profile and experience. You will work in our HQ in Mo’orea, French Polynesia

To apply, please fill out this form and send us your CV at joinus@coralgardeners.org with the subject “CTO”.

Let’s save the reef!