Coral Gardeners


French Polynesia

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15th Aug 2019

— Description —


Coral Gardeners is an NGO created in 2017 by young surfers and fishermen from Mo’orea in French Polynesia. We aim to save coral reefs from extinction in two ways. Firstly, by raising awareness of their plight in schools, events and conferences around the world. Secondly, through our reef restoration program, in which we nurture healthy corals and transplant them onto degraded areas of reef. Communication is core to the success of our NGO.


Who we are:
1) Ocean lovers: we come from the ocean. It feeds our bodies and it is our playground. It is a part of who we are.
2) Storytellers: we tell the stories of our islands and engage others with reef conservation.
3) Humble: the ocean is bigger than us, it teaches us humility, love and respect for all forms of life.
4) Determined to act: we can tell the story but, at some point, we need to jump in the water and plant some coral.
5) Explorers: we always look for new ways of doing things and learn about our environment and be wild, sometimes.


Where we are:
Our headquarters are on Mo'orea, the sister island of Tahiti, in French Polynesia.

Communication is at the heart of what Coral Gardeners do. We believe that beautiful content, evocative social media and effective local action are fundamental in inspiring others to follow our lead and protect coral reefs. As our communication manager, you would manage our photographers, video editors and community manager, working with them to broadcast the best content in the most effective way. You would work closely with our Marketing Manager on brand positioning and developing our communication strategy.


We need you to:
- Manage our communication team (Photographers, video editors, designers, community managers, etc.)
- Design, implement and follow up on our communication strategy
- Design our membership program and community engagement strategy
- Review social media content and publications
- Manage influencers, press relationships and external relationships

As a Communication Manager you will also participate in general activities of the NGO.

- > 2 years in external communication
- > 1 year managing a team
- Bachelor’s/master’s degree in communication, management or marketing
- Previous experience in community management and engagement is desirable
- Fluency in English

- Passionate about coral reefs and the ocean
- Creative, innovative and energetic
- Able to work independently and take initiative
- Organised and thorough
- Open minded, willing to learn about new cultures and share positive energy
- Effective as a leader in a team working environment

To be discussed depending on your profile and experience. You will work in our HQ in Mo’orea, French Polynesia.