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26th Apr 2019


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The Infection Prevention and Control Adviser will provide technical and managerial support to Tuvalu MoH leadership, stakeholders and the Tuvalu health workforce in improving Inflection Prevention and Control (IPC) at PMH. This role will focus on supporting the local clinical (medical, nursing, laboratory and allied health) team with technical mentoring, support and advice. A key aspect of this role will be the review of current IPC resources and the development and implementation of evidence-based standard protocols, guidelines and training materials for IPC in liaison with the MoH and key stakeholders. The adviser will establish a close working relationship with the MoH and clinical staff at PMH to develop an agreed work plan for IPC health system strengthening and workforce support, including the monitoring of progress. You will be accountable to, and managed by Director of Medical Services, Tuvalu Ministry of Health This role is expected to commence in June for a period of 132 days over 12 months, ideally 6 x 1 months field visits .



This role is offered in Tuvalu. The partner organisation is Ministry of Health. Assignment duration is 12 months with expected start date being June 2019.



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